Wild Deer Mimics Woman

A woman was surprised to learn that the wild deer that appeared just outside her house seems to copy her every move. The wild deer was seen wandering around her front yard and stopped when it caught glimpse of the woman inside. Captivated by her movements, the deer stop for a moment and watched.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

The woman wasn’t doing any fancy like dancing or anything too crazy. She was just moving her legs up and down, like a member of a marching band. She’d lift one leg up and stomped back down to the floor. Startling, the deer was copying her to do the same exact thing. She would face the deer and the deer would face her without being scared. The woman would stomp one foot and so would the deer in return. She would switch from one leg to the other and so would the deer.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

The woman had to giggle to herself at this amazing display of copycat and how wonderful it is interacting with a wild deer!

Source: YouTube

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