Playing Like Real Cats

A kitten and her fun-loving owner play hide and seek together.  This duo has so much fun together. The cat would even try to hide where she’s hoping her owner won’t find her.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Button, the cat, and her owner, Greg always has a great time together. These two playmates would spend hours playing different types of games.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Greg explains, “Button and me playing as real kittens should! Jumping, attacking, and having lots of crazy fun. And of course, she got cuddles and a kiss at the end. Such a sweetheart!”

Source: YouTube Screenshot

In this video, you could see Greg having all the patience to sneak up on Button or surprises her around the corner. The cool thing is, Button really enjoys their games. You could see Button pouncing or leap for Greg. She’s certainly is having fun!

Source: YouTube

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