One Man’s Action Inspired So Many

All it takes is one man’s actions to inspire others and create change. This is what happened in Portland with a property investor who was going to kick out a homeless man who was staying at one of his property. Instead, he decided to give him a job.

A 28-year-old man name James Eppler has been living in the streets since he was 16. James and a friend took refuge on the porch of a vacant house trying to escape the cold and heavy Portland rain.

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A property investor, Chris Crever, had purchased the house James had been using for 2 months as shelter. Chris had immediately begun cleaning the place up and throwing away wet blankets and beddings he found scattered around.

James came back and found that all his belongings were gone and sat around the porch trying to figure out where to go next with his friend. Chris arrived at the property and nicely explained the two men they would have to leave. Chris was surprised at James’ polite response and was thanked by James.

Chris was so amazed at James’ expression of appreciation, even though he was asking them to leave, that Chris had decided to help and to meet him at the same exact porch at 8:30 am that next Monday morning.

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He had decided to help James out and give him a job to fixing up the very house he had been using for shelter.

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After leaving the shelter of the porch, James began sleeping under a local bridge at night. And, despite the cold, wet clothes he wore, he showed up ready for work each morning to Chris. With a big heart, Chris offered James a room in the house for the time being as well as a place nearby to shower and freshen up.

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Chris has also helped James in search of a more permanent job and better housing.

James now has a full-time job and couldn’t be more grateful for all the help and support Chris has given him!

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