Living In 90 Sq. Feet Of Living Space!

Living In 90 Sq. Feet Of Living Space!

A woman lives in Manhattan but where she lives isn’t quite the apartment or condo we’re used to seeing. This woman lives in 90 square feet of space which she calls home. She will be showing you how she managed to get everything needed in one tiny room.

Living in New York is tough. Finding the right place to live in Manhattan is even tougher! In the midst of it all, Central Park, Lincoln Center, and countless restaurants are all walking distance to Felice Cohen’s apartment building.

Felice’s 90 sq. ft apartment in New York is no bigger than a typical child’s bedroom. It turns out that Felice happens to be a professional organizer, which she had helpful and creative ideas to exactly what you need for a tiny-living means!

Felice exploits every inch of her 12×7 ft space, which she only pays $700 compared to an average home of $3,600 per month for an Upper West Side home.  Her ‘bedroom’ is actually located in a loft-style area of the room. Being a professional organizer, Felice was able to turn this small, cozy apartment into a simpler, and cozier place to live!

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