Grizzly Man Mark and Agee The Polar Bear

Mostly all would describe polar bears as extremely aggressive creatures. That’s not the case. In their habitat, most bears are alpha predators. Under normal circumstances, most do not hunt and feed on people. Mostly, bear attacks occur when it’s defending itself against anything it sees as a threat to itself or its territory.

Mark Dumas, better known as Grizzly Man, is a fearless animal handler at Beyond Just Bears in Canada, who has an unusual pet polar bear named Agee.

Agee is an 800lb, polar bear that Mark and his wife, Dawn, managed to train since she was six-weeks-old. Agee had become a star in high-budget TV adverts and movies.

In this video, they could both could be seen running around playfully wrestling and cuddling with each other.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

But, swimming together is what sets these two apart from the rest. Mark and Agee, man and polar bear, are the only two in the world known to swim together. They even take selfies together!

Polar bears are the world’s largest land predator, but to Mark, Agee is the friendliest and most playful creature!

Source: YouTube

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