Elsa, The Frozen Cat

The temperature had been below freezing for weeks and the wind chill had been below zero-degree Fahrenheit. A man found a limp cat outside his porch in the freezing temperature and was shocked to see a slight movement from her tiny paws. Against all odds, the man immediately took the cat hoping to save the cat’s life.

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Her name is Elsa. She’s a cute little cat that so adorable and loveable, but it didn’t start out that way.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Elsa’s owner found her almost dead and limp outside his porch in the freezing cold. The wind chills have been below zero degrees. He saw a slight movement in her paws and felt a pang of sorrow for the cat.  With all hopes, he brought her in and did his best to warm her up.

He gave her a warm bath to try to bring her temperature up, then towel-dried her. He made her warm food too! He did his best to revive her and bring her back from the brink of life’s end.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

The sound of her first meow was the most delightful sound to hear. Elsa was slowly but surely getting her strength back. To make sure she’s okay, her owner brought her to the Vet for a check-up.

That’s how Elsa came to be with her owner.  She’s now a healthy and playful cat!

Source: YouTube

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